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During the lockdown phase most of the movies enroute OTT medium to release their films directly on Digital platform. Most of the Bollywood films big medium and small budget movies released their their films on OTT, and our Tollywood movies too attempted that route by releasing movies like Orey Bujjiga, V the Movie, Penguin , Nishabdham, etc. were released digitally. Due to these craze for OTT definitely has increased.

But post lockdown period when theatres reopened Massive Audience flew to theaters, huge success of Krack, Red, Master and Uppena were few examples. Similarly long list of telugu films were announced for direct theatrical release for upcoming months. 

Some Movies which slated for upcoming months had also sold their digital rights to various platforms for cashing the craze. Here is the list of upcoming movies whose digital rights were sold.








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